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Anaheim Carpet Cleaning Services has proven itself as one of the leaders in the cleaning industry. We have experienced teams who provide a wide range of high quality cleaning services in the Anaheim area. We have designed excellent, environmentally friendly cleaning techniques that deliver perfect results. Our cleaning services include carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, tile cleaning, grout cleaning and furniture cleaning and restoration. Our professional cleaning services include inspection, removal of stains, deep cleaning, drying, sanitizing and disinfecting of your carpets, furniture and rugs. Our trained cleaning technicians will take the utmost care of your valuable possessions during the cleaning process. We offer the most complete, reliable and affordable cleaning services in the Anaheim area.


We have earned our outstanding reputation through our attention to small detail and with our exceptional customer service. We provide solutions for the specific needs of each client. We have many years’ experience in providing professional cleaning services for both commercial and residential properties in the Anaheim region.

Carpet Cleaning Anaheim


Carpets are some of the most expensive décor items in a home or office. Through very day use and heavy traffic over the carpets, dust and grime accumulate that could damage the pile. It is important to have them cleaned regularly to rid them of the dust particles. This will ensure that they maintain their quality and look. Not only will we leave your carpets sparkling clean, but they will smell terrific and be free of bacteria and germs.

Our service excellence is legendary in the Anaheim are. Our friendly consultants will schedule an inspection of your carpets at your home. Anaheim Carpet Cleaning Services have experienced trained technicians that will identify problem areas on your carpets. They will then determine the cleaning service that you require. Spots and stains will be closely scrutinized and a cleaning process formulated. The first step of the cleaning process is the application of an eco-friendly, non-toxic pre-cleaning solution. The cleaning solution softens the stains on the carpet and also lifts the dirt to the surface. After the cleaning solution has been left to do its magic, our technicians extract the dirt and moisture from the carpets with powerful carpet cleaning machines. This is followed by a thorough drying process of your carpet. Not only do we leave your carpets in immaculate condition, but also completely sanitized.

What sets Carpet Cleaning Anaheim apart from the rest?


Anaheim Carpet Cleaning Services only employ trained technicians to take care of your expensive carpets, delicate upholstery and kitchen tiles. We pride ourselves in our excellent service delivery to our clients. The hundreds of satisfied customers in Anaheim is a confirmation of that. Our friendly consultants will ensure that our cleaning staff attends to your cleaning needs promptly. Our technicians are highly qualified to attend to all your cleaning needs. They have in-depth knowledge of the different types of materials used in carpets and upholstery. We specialize in the cleaning and restoration of highly valued articles such as sofas and expensive rugs. Our cleaning methods have been perfected over many years and continuously updated with the latest cleaning technologies. Many people are hesitant to use the services of professional cleaning companies because of the costs involved. Anaheim Carpet Cleaning Services offer high quality carpet cleaning services at the most competitive prices. We deliver cleaning services to suit every budget.

Punctuality is important to us. Our trained carpet cleaning technicians will arrive for your cleaning service on time. Our customers are impressed by their professional attitude and attention to detail. We do not leave your home or office unless you are completely satisfied. A very important aspect of our service is to educate our customers on cleaning techniques to maintain their carpet and upholstery items between professional cleanings. We guarantee complete satisfaction!

Rug Cleaning Anaheim


Rugs are an ideal way to enhance the décor in your home. They come in a large selection of designs and price ranges. Rugs can be very expensive due to their detailed patterns and the costly high quality fibers used to weave them. Rugs and carpet tiles are in demand for their aesthetic beauty that enhances the décor in any room. It is very important that your rugs are cleaned professionally at regular intervals to restore their beautiful colors and to extend their durability. Anaheim Carpet Cleaning Services uses only the best and safest non-toxic chemicals to restore your rugs to its former glory. Our trademark quality is our advanced and thorough cleaning methods. We are known to be the best carpet and rug cleaning company in Anaheim.

It is vitally important that your house is free of allergens by cleaning the dust, dirt and grime from your rugs. Everyday vacuum cleaning will keep your expensive rugs in a reasonable condition but not completely sterilized and spotlessly clean. Our experienced technicians will ensure that your rugs are not just spotlessly clean but also hygienic and odor free.  We also apply our special sealant to your carpets and rugs to protect them from liquid spills. We provide a complete cleaning solution to our valuable customers with our wide range of services. These services include air duct cleaning, tile cleaning, upholstery cleaning and furniture cleaning. We guarantee the lowest prices for rug cleaning in Anaheim. Feel free to compare the quality of our services and our pricing with other rug cleaning companies.

Our professional team is waiting to assist you with all your rug cleaning needs. Call us for high quality cleaning, sanitizing and restoration services for your valuable rugs. Our assistants are available to take your call at any time of the day or night.

Anaheim Upholstery Cleaning


Anaheim Carpet Cleaning Services do not only offer carpets and rug cleaning in the Anaheim area. Our expert technicians are highly experienced in cleaning upholstery as well. We only use the newest machines to attend to your furniture cleaning needs. You want a professional reliable cleaning company to take special care of the beautiful and delicate upholstery on your furniture. You deserve only the absolute best when it comes to the cleaning of your valuable upholstery. We have the testimonials and referrals from hundreds of satisfied customers that testify to our quality of service. Our pricing is the most reasonable in Anaheim. We have established innovative cleaning techniques that are specifically geared towards the cleaning and protection of upholstery. After our cleaning process we will also deodorize, disinfect and restore your upholstery to a pristine condition.

The upholstery cleaning process starts with a thorough vacuuming of the furniture items to remove loose soil, debris and dirt. We then apply a small amount of cleaning solution to gently lift the dirt, stains, dust and other pollutants. Next, we will extract the cleaning solution, dirt and any other debris with our Wet-Vac. The end product is upholstery that is thoroughly cleaned and deodorized. The intensive cleaning process will enhance the colors of your furniture restoring them to their former beauty. We offer the very best carpet and upholstery cleaning service because we utilize state of the art cleaning solutions to get the job done perfectly. Anaheim Carpet Cleaning Services uses the finest solutions that tackle the toughest stains from ketchup to coffee. Pets are wonderful companions but they do leave stains and bad odors on your furniture. Our trained technicians will clean your upholstery and deodorize your furniture.

Anaheim Carpet Cleaning Services have trained technicians who will guide you on the correct cleaning regime to keep your upholstery maintained and in good condition. We also offer you the option of regular inspections to ensure that problems are not left unattended and cause permanent damage to your furniture.

Our website offer comprehensive information on all our services in the Anaheim area. Our friendly consultants are available to attend to your rug, upholstery and carpet cleaning needs. We are well known in Anaheim for our prompt and high quality cleaning services.

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Hardwood Floor Cleaning

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Hardwood floors are installed in almost every home in the Anaheim area. They are very durable and they create a feeling off elegance and class in your home. Hard wood floors enhance the décor in your rooms and add tremendous value to your home. Hardwood floors wear down in areas where there are high traffic, causing it to lose the protective scratch resistant coating. It is imperative that you acquire the services of a professional hardwood floor cleaning company to attend to your floors. Maintenance is key to the life expectancy of hardwood floors.

Anaheim Carpet Cleaning Services is the leading company in hardwood floor cleaning in Anaheim. Our technicians will inspect the surface and determine the correct cleaning process for your hardwood floors. The first step of the process is a thorough cleaning of the entire hardwood surface including overhangs and edges. We then we apply small amounts of our special cleaner and use a microfiber mop to thoroughly clean the entire wood floor. When the floor is dry we apply a non-toxic protective polish which is buffed with our state of the art equipment. The beauty and shine of your hardwood floors will be restored, leaving it the envy of your neighbors.

Tile & Grout Cleaning


When you have floor tiles installed into your home they immediately bring quality and shine into every room in your house. Over time improper cleaning methods with inadequate cleaning products can cause your floor to look very unattractive and worn out. High traffic areas are the first to show signs of wear and they accumulate dirt very quickly. We recommended that you clean your tile floors at least once a year to stop soil staining in the grout lines. Our technicians use the latest steam dryers and high pressure systems that efficiently clean all dirt from tiles and grout lines. Our experts use our non-toxic dissolvent to break up grease and dirt. Our high pressure equipment will then blast away all dirt from your tiles and grout lines. The vacuum system removes all dirt and water to leave your tiles sparkling clean. Our consultants will inform you about the long-term benefits of our special tile and grout sealant. It will protect your floors from future dirt accumulation and from liquid spills. We guarantee that no stain will remain after our thorough cleaning process. Our workmanship is guaranteed.

Anaheim Carpet Cleaning Services offer extensive cleaning services in the Anaheim area. We are seasoned professional in all types of cleaning processes. Our other services include air ducts cleaning, spot removing and cheap tile restoration.

Our services save you money

Although a carpet might look clean after a vacuum, there are other contaminants embedded in-between the fibers that act as an abrasive on the fibers of your carpet. This causes your valuable rugs and carpets to wear out much faster. Our professional technicians will remove those particles completely and clean your carpets thoroughly.  Anaheim Carpet Cleaning Services guarantees sparkling clean carpets, tiles and upholstery. There are huge financial benefits in cleaning and maintaining your carpets, flooring and upholstery. By having them professionally cleaned at regular intervals you extend the life of your carpets, furniture and floors. It is the only way to protect your investment.

Anaheim Carpet Cleaning Services offer professional cleaning services in Anaheim at very affordable rates.  Our friendly consultants will assist you with your cleaning enquiries and schedule an appointment. Our technicians will then do a thorough assessment of your cleaning requirements in the comfort of your home.  Great care is taken to protect your valuables during the cleaning process. Our cleaning team will consult with you after the cleaning process to ensure that you are completely satisfied.  We take pride in our quality of work and value each and every customer.

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