Tiles are wonderful practical way to bring a feeling of cleanliness and shinning beauty to the rooms in your house. Bathrooms are usually fitted with tiles because they resist water and they are hygienic. With everyday use tiles and especially the grout accumulate dirt dull the colors of the tiles and causes problems with hygiene. Textured Italian tiles are designed with ridges and patterns for aesthetic reasons, but they cause dirt to nestle in between the ridges. This makes them even more difficult to clean due to the design pattern. Cleaning them manually requires a huge effort and takes a lot of time. Excessive scrubbing might also cause damage to the tile, causing them to fade and become dull.


Carpet Cleaning Anaheim is renowned in the Anaheim area for our expert tile and grout cleaning services. Our technicians have years of experience in tile and grout cleaning. Our customer service is excellent and we are known for our rapid response time in cleaning kitchen, bathroom and Italian tiles.

Innovative cleaning processes

Carpet Cleaning Anaheim has been the leader in the tile and grout cleaning industry for more than ten years. . We use state of the art equipment to remove stubborn dirt from your tiles. We can remove any type of grime, from those oily stains on your kitchen floors to those dirty stains on the grouting at your poolside. Give us a call for a free quote.

Our technicians will apply a special solvent to loosen the oily stains next to the stove on the  floor tiles. After that our high speed dirt extraction process will remove all moisture and dirt from the floor.  The unique color restoration process will bring out the beautiful color of your tiles and make them look brand new. Our services are available in the whole Anaheim area every hour of every day.