The majority of people believe that vacuuming their sofas is sufficient enough to get rid of the dust and to maintain its appearance.  That could not be further from the truth. With every day wear and tear, grime accumulates on the fabric which can only be cleaned by a professional cleaning company.

Our professional cleaning service in Anaheim will solve your sofa cleaning dilemma. Our experts will deep clean your sofa and remove all stains, leaving it looking brand new. Our advanced cleaning methods are safe to use on all sofa fabrics and will return it to its original condition.


Carpet Cleaning Anaheim has friendly consultants who will schedule an appointment for a thorough inspection of the condition of your sofa. Our experienced technicians will assess the stains in and the overall state of the sofa deciding on the cleaning process.

We have more than 10 years’ experience in the cleaning industry in Orange County. We only use natural products that are harmless to your sofa and a unique cleaning process that will leave your sofa looking brand new. We are well-known as the leading professionals when it comes to sofa cleaning in Anaheim.

Specific areas of your sofa need special care to ensure that it is thoroughly cleaned. The folds under the armrests and all the little corners require specialist attention because they are so difficult to reach. Our technicians use our advanced vacuuming and dry cleaning processes to ensure your sofa is in pristine condition.

We apply cleaning soap gently with a soft brush over the stains and dirt on your sofa. This is followed by a thorough dry cleaning and dirt extraction process. The final stage is the drying process that leaves the sofa ready for use by our customers.

We use only non-toxic, natural cleaning products when we clean your sofa.  Our technicians will make sure that all residue and spillage are cleaned up in the area they worked in. Your home will be in mint condition when we are finished.