Sofas, chairs and loveseat couches provide comfortable seating and if selected properly, can bring value to your sitting room. Families are very fond of their comfortable couches and usually every family member has a favorite love seat.  Because they are frequently used the couches  gather dust, stains and other dirt. Pets are wonderful companions but they do leave a mess on couches.

It is important to approach the best loveseat cleaning company in Anaheim for your love seat cleaning needs.  We at Carpet Cleaning Anaheim have professionals who provide the highest quality cleaning service that are also 100 % safe on your furniture.


Our staff  will do an assessment of your loveseat and the kind of fabric that it is made from in the comfort of your home. We will then give you a  free quotation.

Our experienced technicians will spray a dissolving agent on your loveseat to loosen all the embedded dirt  from the fabric. Every little corner and fabric fold will be attended to. The dissolving agent breaks down human stains that accumulate on the material overtime. This non-toxic chemical is essential to ensure that no hard scrubbing is required.

The pre-spray is left to soften and dissolve the stains and oils, before our technicians proceed to clean the fabric with state of the art cleaning machines. Our powerful vacuum systems will extract all dirt and moisture from your sofa

Sanitizer and deodorizer will be applied after the cleaning process. Our technicians will apply this to your love seat to eliminate pet odor and bacteria. Our cleaning team will suggest the option of a fabric protector to guard your loveseat from stains and other marks. The beautiful colors and texture of your fabric is enhanced by this protective agent.

Please call us to arrange  a cleaning appointment and to get a free quote.

Use our services for the cleanest love seat in Anaheim!